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Welcome to all dreamers, wild adventurers and magic seekers!

I'm Suzanne, but you can call me Suzy.

I'm here to capture your story.


There it is. This is your day. And you wanna wake up and know that every thing you do today is about you. It's your party, so throw all conventions overboard and choose an authentic and meaningful experience!

As a highly experienced wedding photographer I'm here for you to capture your story. And the wedding is not about the photos. The photos are about the wedding.

Whether you choose to elope, just the two of you, having a handfasting ceremony watching over the cliffs, or you rent a beautiful Italian borgo to enjoy the good life with your dearest family and friends, your love is what it's all about.

As an HSP I will find those rare moments to capture that will touch your heart. Being a romantic soul, for me there's nothing more beautiful than capturing those intimate and intentional weddings that express your true selves. Let's get to know each other a bit more.


It's all about you!


Hello there!

Pleasure to meet you!

My name is Suzanne (also called Suzy) and I've been capturing photos for almost two decades now. 

What you need to know about me is that I'm a sucker for romance, I love crazy, out of the box, authentic souls and colorful celebrations, but I also dig drama! 

Which translates into true to color, emotive pictures with a moody touch and often dramatic light. 

My love for the camera originates from my traveling history. I studied African Cultures & Languages in Leiden University, but afterwards decided to travel to India instead. It's there that I simply had to find ways to translate the overwhelming experience, in order to share it with the world. Photography became my medium. I spent a total of 5 years in India and consider it my home away from home. 

Nowadays I'm nearing my forties, living in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and 2 cats in our cozy, vintage home. I still capture weddings, people and brands in an authentic way and love to combine my love for photography with my passion for travel. The goal is to have a nice little farm somewhere in the south of Europe one day while still creating beauty and living a sustainable life.

I'd be happy to join your adventures anywhere in the world. Speaking multiple languages and knowing the life of a traveler, I can be of service to couples from all around the world. So now you know a bit more about me.

Let's see what I can do for you.


There are many things you can hire me for. But most of all I'm here to capture your lovestories.

Different packages are available for the Netherlands, Europe and other parts of the world. 


Elopement photography. Because I believe in small and intimate weddings, just the two of you. Doing what you love, without compromise. 





Destination Weddings.

Beautiful castles, old towns, cliffsides and seaviews. Love it all!


Couple sessions. Because I love a good story without the vows as well. Available in Europe.




More than just photos

Besides creating a fantastic gallery, I always strive to offer an experience. A complete package that includes my experience, support and guidance. Before, during and after your wedding. 

I'll be your friend, your witness, your planning assistant as well as your photographer.  


Suzanne is an amazing photographer!

Last summer she attended our multiple day wedding in Italy. She effortlessly mixed with the group, without drawing too much attention..She captured fantastic shots! Didn't miss any detail. One wonders how she was able to capture so many people and emotions at the same time.

She really loves what she does and it translates into her work. We 100% recommend her to other couples!!

Maarten & Michelle / Pietralunga

September '23

Let's Elope!

You are authentic, adventurous, but don't like to be in the spotlight?

 Consider this your call! 

Ever more often couples decide to skip the big party and exchange their vows in a more intimate setting instead. Just the two of them, of perhaps with a select group of loved ones. 

By eliminating the pressure of a traditional wedding schedule, there are suddenly more hours available to do what you love most.

The word Elopement originally refers to couples running away to get married in secret. A famous place to do so used to be Gretna Green, you might have heard of it.

For me, to elope means to share your vows intentionally, in a way that is meaningful to you and perhaps even in a special place. Which could be anywhere in the world. How gorgeous would wild Scotland be, Iceland or, let's think outside the box, my all time favorite India. Whatever place you choose, by having an elopement you make your wedding all about you and the love you share, in the most intimate way.

A big advantage is you can cut your guest list short, which means more budget available for travel and activities you wouldn't include in a big wedding. The sky is the limit! Go horseriding in your wedding dress? Hike mountains to chase the best sunset? Book a helicopter ride and watch the Norwegina fjords from the sky? Say 'I do' in the middle of a desert? 

My motto: It's your party. Your rules apply.

Elopements EN


Destination wedding

YES! I totally get you!

Spending your weddingday with your loved ones in a place that gives you that special feeling, that's magic!

Elopement is not for you. You want to be surrounded by your friends and family. But you DO love that Italian food! Or the Scottish castle, the French vineyard, the Austrian mountains. Whatever is your jam, there's a venue to match it.

Even though the Netherlands isn't a very popular destination for weddings in itself (Amsterdam is cool though!), it is well connected to the rest of the world. Within a matter of hours I can travel from my doorstep to most European destinations. And even beyond. Which means fairly low travel fees and lots of flexibility. 

Destination wedding EN

Every wedding is unique. Memories are for life, so what better investment than photos?

But I understand you would like to have an idea how much all of this is gonna cost.

I can make special quotations addressing every need, including luxury wedding albums, multiple day weddingsand far away destinations, second shooters and pre- or post wedding shoots. But to give you an estimate, here are some example packages:


  • Minimum of 4 hrs coverage 

  • Minimum of 200 photos edited in in my signature style

  • Personal online gallery with password

  • Sneak preview within 3 days

  • Videocall to get to know each other and discuss your needs

  • Planning assistance

  • 18 years of experience and access to my vendor network

  • Mini album 20x15 cm incl 8 spreads (8 by 6 inch)

  • Travel fees to all major European flight destinations

starting at
€ 2450,-

or $ 2650,-


  • Minimum 8 hours of coverage 

  • Minimum of 300 photos edited in in my signature style

  • Personal online gallery with password

  • Sneak preview within 3 days

  • Videocall to get to know each other and discuss your needs

  • Pre wedding location recky

  • Planning assistance

  • 18 years of experience and access to my vendor network

  • Mini album 20x15 cm incl 8 spreads (8 by 6 inch)

  • Travel fees to all major European flight destinations

starting at
€ 3450,-

or $ 3700,-


  • Minimum of 8 hours coverage at your weddingday 

  • Minimum of 450 photos edited in my signature style

  • 2 x 4 hours of additional coverage day before and/or after  (rehearsal dinner, pre wedding shoot etc).

  • Sneak preview within 3 days

  • Videocall to get to know each other and discuss your needs

  • Planning assistance

  • 18 years of experience and access to my vendor network

  • Luxurious wedding album incl 35 spreads

starting at
€ 5450,-

or $ 5850,-

Accomodation/ food and drinks plus additional transport are excluded from all packages.

Cross continent travel fees and visa costs are excluded from the cross continent package.

Additional hour of coverage start at €150,- per hour. 

Some destinations are eligible for a discount, being on my all-time wishlist. These include: Iceland / Namibia / Isle of Skye / Faeroer Islands and Marrakech. Check with me whether your preferred destination might secretly be on my list as well.


Are we a match

We are definitely a match if :

  • You appreciate a romantic soul and vibe in your photos

  • Are adventurous and love to travel

  • You love a nostalgic feel

  • You are planning an authentic and intentional wedding or elopement

  • You love cats as much as I do ( somehow most of my couples own cats, I swear!).



Wait a minute, he didn't pop the question yet!

So all that wedding talk is not for you then, perhaps we can discuss that in the future ;-).

But you are interested in a coupleshoot in Amsterdam maybe? Got a lovestory to cover in Paris? A romantic getaway in Austria you want me to document for you?

I got ya! You don't have to wear a weddingdress to get nice photos. Your love is special and deserves to be celebrated every day of the year. And as much as I love the highlights, I am very aware that the biggest part of your story consists of those seemingly insignificant moments, that actually matter quite a lot.

Whether in my home country or elsewhere, I'll be happy to tag along and give you some beautiful pictures to cherish.

Couple Sessions in the Netherlands start at € 350,-

Couple Sessions outside the Netherlands start at € 750,-

Coupleshoots EN


Enough about that. Let's see some pictures!

Contact EN


Well, now you now all there is to know about me and what I have to offer. I can't wait to meet you as well!

Drop me a message below or inquire about my availability for your special day. If you have any more questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you. Cheers!



See the daredevil I am.

Talking adventurous. Wink.





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